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Unconditional Love

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Unconditional Love

Post by President Roosevelt on Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:12 pm

How can I become more unconditionally loving, to myself and others?
President Roosevelt

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Re: Unconditional Love

Post by Night Eyes on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:55 am

hmm interesting question mr president

firstly i would say dont hold grudges or judgements on yourself and others.. easier said than done though sometimes

forgive yourself for not being perfect or whatever it is you dont like about yourself, love you for being you.. perfectly imperfect.. and i think the rest will all catch up

once you learn to fully love yourself warts and all, it makes things easier to keep an open mind about others and see that they struggle just as much as anyone else.. therefore the love extends Smiley

NightEyes Special 1
Night Eyes
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Re: Unconditional Love

Post by Pixie-Mara on Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:52 pm

This is a really interesting question! I've been pondering over it for a few minutes. Shocked

What I've come up with is that really we only fear what might damage the Ego, I think if you truly love yourself - the good and the bad parts - you open up yourself to others and see more good than bad. That fear kind of dissipates.

scratch Thanks for making me think! Hope my comment makes sense or is helpful haha
Sir / Lady
Sir / Lady

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Re: Unconditional Love

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:12 am

The quality of the heart is that it keeps being boundless, it keeps embracing everything into itself. ... But our hearts are very frightening to us.
Because we were developed as separate beings...and we got so addicted to our separateness...that our heart [which keeps giving the separateness away] becomes our enemy. ~ Ram Dass

I've been meaning to post this here for a long time, but am constantly without the energy for serious discussion because I am overloaded with work; my intellectual energies are all used up on my PhD. This is why you get the jokes about PhD students who can't even read a book before going to sleep. Smiley They have to unwind by watching junk TV. Wink

I love what he says about unconditional love meaning you will love the person even if he tries to wring your neck. Wink

I especially love the story he gives at 25:00, about the officer who is cruel and violent and hurts (understatement) anybody and everybody.

He is told by his agitant that everyone is bowing down to him, and that at the local monastery all the monks have fled to the mountains.

Except one.

So the officer is infuriated by this. He personally goes up to the monastery and stands before the monk, says,

DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM???? I could run my sword through your belly without blinking an eye.

And the monk says,

And don't you know who I am? I could have your sword run through my belly, without blinking an eye.

And that is unconditional love.

I love you  night eyes star  I love you


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Re: Unconditional Love

Post by rodan on Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:43 am

President Roosevelt wrote:How can I become more unconditionally loving, to myself and others?

Have been going through some old threads and came upon this and want to give some feedback to it.

Something I recently caught in a video of Rupert Spira he discusses, in part, on how we treat other people, animals, and, even things.  All, possess consciousness.  All, is consciousness. All should be loved.

First, love yourself as you are, and, love others.  Even if you can't love yourself for the way you presently are, at least start loving others, as they are. Think of that relative you despise.  That neighbor you can't stand living near you.

Paraphrasing the question, " how can I learn to love myself and others,  more unconditionally? "  

You do it by  taking action.

For those of you that live here in the USA, Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of weeks.  You may be going to a family get-together which you enjoy going to, however, there will be an aunt, uncle, a sister-in-law, a brother-in-law, someone will be there that you can't stand.  When your there, you normally do everything you can to avoid them.  

This Thanksgiving, don't avoid them.  Instead, walk up to them, greet them, smile, and wish them a happy Thanksgiving, do a little small talk.  Maybe get them a cup of coffee for them or something.

It's easy to love others that love you. But, try loving those that you normally hate or at least are indifferent towards.   And, speaking of indifference, ........did you know that being " indifferent " towards someone, is the opposite of love?

I always thought it was " hate ".   Well, it's not.  It's indifference.

There are a lot of people I don't hate. I do know a lot of people I feel indifferent towards.

If you can start loving those that you normally feel indifferent towards, it will help you feel better about yourself.  When you feel good, you will be a happier person.

A few of you that know me from other forums I tend to be gadget person, that is, I will look for a device, a charm, a box, whatever, to accomplish something.
Something that will " magically " manifest the desire.  Radionics boxes, purple plates, crystals, pictures, diagrams, symbols,.... you name it, I'm familiar with it.

I tried to think of a device that will help me attain the love vibration. What can I buy and use that will help me love unconditionally, love those that I normally do not?

I can't think of any.  

Even if a device was made and sold to do so, would it even be believable that it would work?   I think not.

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Re: Unconditional Love

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:13 pm

rodan wrote:Something I recently caught in a video of Rupert Spira he discusses, in part, on how we treat other people, animals, and, even things.  All, possess consciousness.  All, is consciousness. All should be loved.

This made my morning. Thank you, rodan. I love you


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Re: Unconditional Love

Post by The Simplifier on Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:27 pm

rodan wrote:
If you can start loving those that you normally feel indifferent towards, it will help you feel better about yourself.  When you feel good, you will be a happier person.

Beautiful to realize that having to tackle showing love to someone you "hate" is uneccessary because it is indifference that is the opposite of love. And, indifference is easier to introduce love to.

How many of us have previously thought that we had to add love to hate instead of to indifference? I certainly have and it was a struggle.

Thank you rodan, clear and helpful!
The Simplifier

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Re: Unconditional Love

Post by Freya on Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:57 am

I just wanted to post an old post from someone we all know Smiley as it's a wonderful reminder. Facebook Heart

From the much-revered Zorba of PLOA (original post here):

Hello Dagmar. Sorry if I'm a bit late, and thanks for reading and sharing, my friend. Yes, we've answered this question, as you just found out, but we may still discuss your own words today and shed more light on this important subject.

I mean, how to feel and visualize being loved if you never felt it?

You already live in an ocean of love, Dagmar. Love penetrates and pervades the world and holds the entire universe together. Love permeates every cell of your body, your whole being, as well as everyone and everything else. Yet we may not feel its presence at all. True. But one then is like a blind man who lives in the dark although the sun is shining and glaring in the sky. Even when he desperately accepts the least and reaches for a small candle, it still doesn't work and he still can't see. The problem is never the absence of light; rather, his own blindness to it. Similarly, we don't lack love; we only need to heal our blindness and open our inner eyes to it. Once opened, you'll be amazed how much love there really is, and you'll realize the truth and experience it, that behind all appearances and illusions we're literally moving in an endless ocean of love.

Or accepted, really accepted for who you are.

This is the question. Do YOU accept who you are? Do you fully and unconditionally love who you are? You are aware how the trouble first started: "because of some childhood experiences with my parents." But are you aware what those early "experiences" caused back then when you were a child? In most cases, these early pains "split" us. We end up with two personalities: one conscious and present, on display for everyone to see; the other hidden far and deep inside, buried in the dark recesses of our mind. We then move ahead in the world with our conscious personality, do our best to prove ourselves, overcome our problems, and always look strong, smart, confident, proud, etc. We may even succeed, but we still don't feel happy or know peace. Worse, sometimes we even miserably fail, especially in our relationships. Why? Simple: Because our true personality is not this one we see in the mirror. Rather, it's the child buried deep in our unconscious, for so long forgotten and neglected, yet all along unconsciously driving our thoughts and emotions and running our whole life.

Unlike the apparent mask or persona on display, my hidden "I" may instead be very weak, not at all as strong as everyone and I myself always thought. Afraid, even scared, not at all that courageous hero I've been acting out. In guilt and shame, not at all that proud or even narcissist I seem to be. Or so sad and hopeless, not at all that joyous and cheerful star the world believes I am.

It's this hidden "I", Dagmar, that we mean by self-love. It's this hidden "I", our inner child, that we buried long ago wounded and broken. We thought once out of our sight, she (or he) will be gone, or heal be herself. But she's there, constantly breathing her pain into our heart and secretly drawing our self-image: I am unlovable, I am unworthy, I am insufficient, I am guilty, I am weak, I am poor, I am in shame, I am a failure, I am a loser, I can't do this, I am not up to that...

How can you feel love if this is the voice echoing in your psyche by day and night? How can you look good in anyone's eyes if you don't in your own? How can you succeed especially in your relationships if you unconsciously harbor such feelings as fear of intimacy, or fear of yet another pain, or lack of trust altogether in everyone? How can you really open up if you deeply feel insecure, really be strong if it's only to hide your weakness, or really be confident if it's only to mask your sense of disgrace and shame?

To truly heal, therefore, you have to first unlock your prisons and release your inner child. You have to connect with your heart and bravely embrace every fear and pain. You have to wash away your illusions, re-view your memories, correct your beliefs, and teach your inner girl a new lesson: that she's indeed not only worthy and lovable, but rather the very Daughter of Love, the very holy daughter of His Majesty, a crowned Princess in his borderless Kingdom, and a brilliant, peerless Ray of his ever-shining Sun. Stay with her inside for as long as it takes; weep together, cry together, scream together, and finally heal together. Once back, strong and sound, put on her coronet and royal insignia and escort her gracefully to the "show" outside, then proudly announce her to the world: "This is who I am, ladies and gentlemen, and this is the first love in my life."

Only then will you be capable of love. True love. And once you give love, you will receive love and feel love and rejoice in love. Indeed, my friend, the world is but your mirror. Smiley The love you receive is the very love you give. You are the Source; every love is YOUR love, and from your heart the whole staggering Power of Love is flowing. You long for love in the world? No, I'm afraid. It's the world that longs for your love, Your Highness. Smiley

In peace and love; take care, my friend. ♥️

* * *

"Look within. You are the world." - J. Krishnamurti
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Re: Unconditional Love

Post by Sponsored content

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