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Regardie: Neville's System is the Most Magical

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Regardie: Neville's System is the Most Magical

Post by Zorba on Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:30 pm


Not only did Israel Regardie authenticate Neville's system; he moreover described it as "the most magical."
In a little-known book from 1946, the prominent magician, occultist and occult philosopher Israel Regardie closely studied the creative-mind movements rising at the time, including Unity, Christian Science, and Religious Science. Regardie paid special attention to the case of Neville, whose teachings, he felt, reflected both the hopes and limits of New Thought philosophy. Regardie believed that Neville possessed profound and truthful ideas, yet he felt these ideas needed more attention to training or practice. Could the everyday person really control his thoughts and moods in the way Neville prescribed? In The Romance of Metaphysics, Regardie wrote:
"Near Broadway on 49th Street in New York City is the Old Actor's Church. Should you go there on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday night of any week, either winter or summer, I can promise you more than a pleasant evening. It will be a highly instructive evening. You will hear Neville discourse on Truth. A young man, not more than 36 years of age, he is a dynamic, handsome and most charming personality. He has a winning smile - thoroughly and completely disarming. His presentation of truth is forceful and sincere. Charged with feeling, and reflecting his own integrity and purposefulness, he communicates himself readily from the pulpit.

Four to five hundred men and women flock to the Old Actor's Church on each of these nights that he talks. How much of his evident popularity is due to his charm and how much to his dynamic orations, is not for me to say. Some, however, have hazarded an opinion. Some suspect it is the former. Nevertheless this judgment does not in the least detract from the value and worth of what he is impelled to teach. His method and content of teaching are entirely too good and provocative readily to appeal to so many and to such different varieties of people. However that may be, his readers and the listeners must be the judges. He does get a crowd - and he satisfies most of them."

Regardie then, with his encyclopedic knowledge of magic and almost all occult secrets, dived deep analyzing Neville's teachings, finally concluding that his system was perfectly sound. Regardie's only concern was that Neville didn't provide enough training. Neville himself was originally an actor and dancer, Regardie said, so he was personally familiar with all techniques of relaxation. He personally knew how to relax or to concentrate, even how to direct his thoughts and control his emotions. For his listeners and readers, however, that wasn't the case. Their minds rather wandered all over the place, and a thousand and one things totally unrelated to "I AM" were ever occupying their attention.  
Yet in the end Regardie finally wrote something very surprising:
"Of all the metaphysical systems with which I am acquainted, Neville’s is the most magical. But being the most magical, it requires for that very reason, a systematized training on the part of those who would approach and enter its portals."

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