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Conscious Society

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Conscious Society

Post by Night Eyes on Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:09 am

Just wanted to share this Article with you guys, thought it was worth a read Smiley

be good to hear if anyone has any thoughts on it I love you


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Re: Conscious Society

Post by The Simplifier on Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:09 pm

I skimmed through most of the article but didn't really have much interest from the intro. He lists a bunch of problems and then presents "awakening" as not being part of the problems.

"Whilst the majority of people in the Western world discuss celebrities, fashion, technology, crime, terrorism and an array of other superficial manifestations of mainstream ‘programs’, there is a growing community of ‘awakening’ people are who engaged in a dialogue about the core of what it means to be human at the start of the 21st Century."

There's a list of various things- I'm not sure why he chose those particular things - and groups them as superficial manifestations of mainstream ‘programs’

Fashion and technology are superficial? These are subjective and he kind of sounds like a know-it-all who wants to sounds like... well... like he knows it all. He's suggesting that fashion designers cannot be "awakening". By the word awakening, I think what he might really mean is becoming aware. Discussion of philosophy doesn't make you awakened, and is not necessary in order to awaken. I don't care for the categorizing of people and ideas.

"In order to meet these challenges, we need to collectively encourage our peers, community leaders and politicians to take these issues seriously and redirect our focus through an honest, informed and explicit discussion on these matters.

Our society desperately needs to integrate these discussions into mainstream dialogue, so please help us to spread the message as far as we can."

Consciousness is presented as the theme here, yet he's writing about encouraging others through action and discussion. Consciousness is energy-based and a first step of encouraging discussion goes quite opposite to what he is claiming bring light to in this article... awakening. How often has discussion been the cause or solution? Consciousness means understanding that true cause for any existing circumstance or the changing of it, is not in the discussion or anything like that, but in the shift of energy and outlook. Only then can discussion lead to solution. It has nothing to benefit from protests and political "standing against". Yet, the conscious community is fighting for a specific political candidate because they say they "need him or there is no hope". Look at that last line in the excerpt above. Our society desperately needs....? How can I tell anyone that being desperate is what keeps them away from their desire, then say that the writer of this article is having a most effective approach to teaching about consciousness? He's telling us we desperately need something. Maybe he doesn't see the irony here?

As much as I can sometimes resent Hollywood and that part of western culture, everything has its place and to say we desperately need the help of more people, is like if we are not awake to the truth that you do not resolve anything by pushing against it- and writing an article about how there are materialist things that are inferior to consciousness.... doesn't make sense to me. Those material things are reflections of spirit and there is no such thing as one topic of discussion being better or higher than another. It's a matter of preference and that's what you gravitate towards. The guy wearing a $200 shirt and dating a woman who models might be more awake than the guy at Coachella or other "spiritually transformational" events.

I think this guy must have a lot of knowledge and a successful career. Something didn't add up for me with his presentation of the topic and choice of words... you know I'm a stickler for words!

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