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Reviving the Dead - Leo McLaglan System (excerpt)

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Reviving the Dead - Leo McLaglan System (excerpt)

Post by Royer Blaze on Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:18 pm

[Note: There are several methods to revive the dead. The following is Leo McLaglan method, probably the easiest for anyone to perform, and is certainly NOT the method used by Jesus or any of the prophets as narrated in the holy book(s), nor is it the method used by modern-day saints such as Sai Baba and others. ~Lotus]

This part tells of a wonderful secret that was wrested from the Japanese by a Jujitsu champion. The secret is a method of resuscitation or restoring life to persons who are apparently dead from drowning or sudden concussions due to any stage of collapse or unconsciousness. It is called the Leo McLaglan System of Resuscitation, after the first man to reduce the manipulation to definite and ordered detail. This knowledge was undoubtedly and originally possessed by the Yogi and gradually filtered through to the Chinese and Japanese. It is therefore another of the Amazing Secrets of the Yogi.

1. Here is a secret method for Reviving the Dead. This was not obtained directly from the Yogi, but it has been recorded that such knowledge was possessed by the Yogi in the past and it either filtered through into the hands of the Chinese and the Japanese or they themselves discovered it independently and utilized it in their wonderful art of attack and self-defense.

2. Anyone who knows something about Ju-Jitsu, the Japanese art of attack and self-defense, will find that there is much in common between their teachings and the teachings of the Yogi.

3. In the Land of the Rising Sun, a wonderful secret - a secret telling of a way to restore life - has been jealously guarded by a few men and handed down by them through the centuries. The few men who were allowed to learn the secret were selected from the leading Ju-Jitsu exponents.

4. The originators of this art must have known the course of movement of every joint. They also knew that the beating of the heart and the vital functions of breathing in some way exercised an influence upon one an-other. And they appear to have known that the cerebro-spinal nervous system had something to do with this.

5. The uttermost secrets of this art teach several death-dealing blows and also ways of exerting certain nerve pressures that produce deep unconsciousness. The necessity of bringing victims back to life when desired led to this wonderful way of resuscitation after such blows or pressures. This secret was disclosed only to a few and that under a vow never to impart it.

6. The only white man who wrested this secret from the Japanese, and who is himself a Ju-Jitsu champion, describes it in the following words after experimenting with it upon apes in Africa.

7. "I now state confidently that many a man suddenly killed whilst in normal health from shock or by drowning is not actually or irretrievably dead until some later time still to be determined, possibly not until the commencement of putrefaction. If a man apparently dead is speedily treated in the manner I am about to disclose, then the brain, the heart, and the lungs can be stimulated to resume their interrupted functions. The heart beats, the man breathes, his consciousness returns. In a word - he lives! A miracle has been accomplished - the dead has been restored to life."

8. "We are all taught that the nerve cells of the brain and the spinal cord control all the functions of the body, including the beating of the heart and the rhythmic movement of the chest in breathing. We also know that the special nerve cells controlling any organ not only send impulses or messages to the organ they command, lulling them to sleep as it were or exciting them to intense action, but receive impulses from it. Thus, though the nerve cells are the commanding factors, still the nerve cells and their particular organs interact on one another and are mutually inter-dependent."

9. "We have, for instance, known of cases where the heart has stopped beating and the surgeon has opened the chest, grasped the heart with his hand, and massaged it rhythmically."

10. "This rhythmic massage so affects the heart muscles and the nerve centers, that they take up their functions again and respiration recommences."

11. "The stimulation of the sensory nerve centers say by shouting, will often ward off an impending loss of consciousness. These facts, together with others, are made use of in the method of resuscitation I am discussing."

12. "The method of resuscitation I have evolved from the various sources alluded to does effectively awaken and coordinate the vital processes and their nerve centers and incites them to normal action again."

13. "It can be used in all stages of collapse and unconsciousness after electrocution if the current has not been so strong as to burn up the blood cells. It will stop epileptic fits."

14. "As a means of inciting respiration, it far transcends all Western methods and is therefore the best way of restoring the apparently drowned."

15. "It might be useful in collapse under an anesthetic."

16. "More than one doctor has thought that it should be used on many of the newly 'dead' as a means of safeguarding their patients and protecting themselves against the horror that lurks at the back of the minds of so many people - the dread of being buried alive or burying others alive."

17. "As I said before, I am the only white man who has wrested this secret from the East. The Japanese did not actually teach me. They were too jealous of my success in Ju-Jitsu to teach me more - and least of all such a secret as this."

18. "I first got an inkling of it accidentally from a celebrated Ju-Jitsu Champion, whom I defeated in one of my World's Championship Combats."

19. "My curiosity was aroused, and during my travels in the East, I picked up a point here and a point there, piecing them together and filling in the gaps in my knowledge as well as perfecting and simplifying the system by experimenting on apes in Africa."

20. "Later, I was sure of myself and I experimented on African natives. I am certainly the first man to reduce its manipulations to definite ordered detail. I therefore present it to the world under my own name and call it:

The Leo McLaglan System Of Resuscitation

21. "Place your subject in a sitting posture with the back towards you and support the back against one knee placed a little in advance of the other. Press the thumbs deeply down in the hollows of the neck just above the collar bones, where the thinness of the tissues allows pressure to be exercised directly on many important nerves. Lay the rest of the hands flat on the chest, fingers pointing downwards and a little outwards. Press the thumbs firmly down in the hollows and press the chest wall down. This will stimulate expiration and will press on the heart as well. (This pressure of the thumbs is too painful to apply to a conscious subject.)"

22. "Still continuing the thumb pressure in the root of the neck, slide the free fingers slightly outwards so as to catch the outer border of the large chest muscle and pull the whole chest up. This dilates the chest, stimulates inspiration, and creates an action in the big blood vessels and heart causing it to dilate. Continue this at about the rate of one or two seconds to a movement, rapidly getting faster and more vigorous, until you have at least trebled the rate."

23. "After fifteen seconds or so of such up and down movement and thumb pressure, suddenly deliver a blow with a knee about the region of the seventh dorsal vertebra, at the same moment shouting "Hey" loudly in the patient's ear."

24. "If not successful at the first attempt, do all this over again, and do it a little harder and longer and faster."

25. "In cases of drowning, you must first get the water out of the chest and stomach. The best way I have found of doing this is to turn your patient on his face, stand astride over him, interlock your hands under the pit of the stomach just under the rib cartilages and jerk him up and down. The relaxed muscles will be forced violently against the lungs, squeezing out the water, which runs by gravity out of the patient's mouth. Then apply my system of resuscitation as already described."

The next part will tell the Secret of All Secrets - the method of making conscious connection with the Universal Storehouse of Life, Love, and Power. The method of becoming illumined and inspired - the method of making the impossible possible.


Book: Mind Yoga: The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi (1937)
By Charles F. Haanel (author of The Master Key System).
Chapter: Reviving the Dead

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