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How important is wording and clarity?

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How important is wording and clarity?

Post by lunareclipse on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:26 pm

Not sure if any of you noticed, but a little while ago tflo wrote on the PLOA
"I started feeling grateful for the things I have and even for the things I know I will never have ..." and the day after he received a check in the mail with a large sum of money, which later turned out to be a scam and fake.

Initially I thought, oh how clever, you have these limits that you set for yourself, so you label some things as "things you will never have" such as Elsa Hosk Wink Lamborghini, an island of your own etc. So I thought oh wow, what a great idea- you take yourself out of your believability zone and  pretend for a while that you can have these things. Since we are all one and you do realize that the people who CAN have these things exist and it is normal for them. There are people with supermodel girlfriends, sports car collections and own islands and there are things that are extremely luxurious that even if you had the money you still would not buy, just cause you would spend it better. But if for a few moments you imagine you are Richard Branson or whoever else and are grateful for riches and wealth from this playful perspective, perhaps it would adjust your beliefs and vibration in a way that you could attract things that you previously thought were impossible.

Then I realized- he attracted something the very next day that was something he wanted but could never have. Just like he said. It was almost funny how it still matched the belief that there is a ceiling to what could be realistically obtained so fast, or ever.

So do you think it would be a good technique to use or it would just start attracting things that will be there under our nose, just not for us?
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Re: How important is wording and clarity?

Post by The Simplifier on Mon Sep 14, 2015 1:51 am

Hi lunar, hadn't seen that thread as I rarely pop in at ploa. I'm not surprised with that story you shared, though.

So, to answer how important wording is... there are only two options. Wording is important or wording is not important. The answer by far is WORDING IS IMPORTANT. With that said, I'm not sure I see it as levels of importance.

It is truth that the words we use (in our thoughts and spoken ones) decide our limits (or reflect them- it goes both ways). Even when it seems someone thinks limitless, they still have limiting thoughts because we can only imagine so much and even big believers and high rollers think limited in some sense or another. It's that their limits seem limitless to someone who thinks more limited, in relation.

Words are a great way (possibly the best way) to pay attention to what our self concept is, and what we are actively creating. Deciding to be more aware of the words that come out of our mouths can be very revealing. We often font even realize we're thinking a certain way until we hear it coming from us. And, saying it's a joke (like "I am so freaking stupid how did I not solve that puzzle/riddle?"), or just words to reflect modesty (like "I guess I'm good at my job but there are others who are better") are all affirmations. They're affirmations that tell the universe who you you are, they define you in the present and the universe will bring more scenarios that reflect evidence of those words.

Good share, lunar. Tflo was reflecting a limited belief and although some might think, well maybe that's letting go and detaching... the truth is, the way you feel when you think about a subject is what you will attract in that area. If you feel lots of money is something you will never have, which comes with the feeling of "out of reach-ness", then it would bring events that prove lots of money is out of reach, and match the feeling of "out of reach-ness".

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Re: How important is wording and clarity?

Post by Phantasm on Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:45 am

bump for new members
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Re: How important is wording and clarity?

Post by Sponsored content

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