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The Bashar Thread

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Re: The Bashar Thread

Post by lunareclipse on Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:19 pm

*Note to admin- I tried to format it in a way to make it easier to read, but every time I try it says "request timed out" and won't let me do it, so sorry, I don't have time to mess with it any longer (and hehe, as you can tell I am rather irritated that I wasted so much time and effort only to have my attempts nullified by stupid technology  Razz PLOA  )

That video, Black Box that I posted in another thread answered to so many questions that I had previously had when trying to work with my belief systems, such as "Why, when I try to find out my core beliefs my mind suddenly goes blank or I feel exhausted out of a blue, or I suddenly have so many more important things to do" I just figured that it might be that facing the pain from the past is too hard, so I procrastinate- but I was wrong. This video answered to my questions so much that I decided to download the whole Black box lecture.

Below is the description of why we have limiting beliefs and why it is so hard to change them and make them stick. I wrote out the full list of the tricks negative beliefs use in order to perpetuate themselves.
I know it seems long, but this is actually a very small part of the lecture, I didn't even get to the list of Neutralizers cause the smoke is coming out of my fingertips after this.

Basically I have noticed that all the different LOA techniques and what works and whether or how to let go or how long and how strong and when to visualize is very secondary- it all comes down to the belief systems. You always get what you know to be most true for you, so if you really want to change your life for the better- change your beliefs and your life will reflect the change back to you.

For anyone who plans to work with their beliefs and make them stick, this lecture explains how they work and was a real eye opener for me, so I wanted to share it with you

When you go to movies, you know that they are telling you a story that is not necessarily true, but by giving you what you need for that story, by creating compelling characters, exciting plot points, twists and turns they allow you to do what many people in the motion picture industry call "the willing suspension of disbelief" so that you go along with the story as though it is true, that you relate to the characters as though they were actual real people, instead of just somebody portraying them.

This concept- "the willing suspension of disbelief is also a mechanism that is used by belief systems, strangely enough. The idea as we have often discussed is that when you form an incarnation, when you form a personality, an ego-structure, in order to experience physical reality it is generally composed of definitions, beliefs, emotions, thought patterns, behaviors - these comprise what you perceive as physical person. Those definitions are the blueprint level that determines what it is that you are capable of experiencing the physical reality to be. So beliefs by their nature, by design have to contain the ability, have to contain the resonance and frequencies to get you to buy into them strongly or you can't really have the focus necessary to believe what it is they're telling you and have a physical experience that is representative of that particular belief.
So all beliefs will make themselves seem to be in some ways the only belief that it is possible that moment to have. Now, being that you both have positive and negative beliefs, when you have a positive belief in your mind, it doesn't really need to convince you of the good feelings you are experiencing.

But because you really truly deep down and also in your higher mind, so to speak, you really know the truth- that you really are eternal, indestructible beings. who are absolutely worthy of the unconditional love and support of creation, because you really do know that in your heart of hearts, negative beliefs have to work very very hard and very very specifically in order to allow you to buy into the willing suspension of disbelief about that truth in order for you to experience that concept of polarity. It's actually very very difficult innately to buy into something negative about your true being, so negative beliefs have to rely on a series of tricks and tools, they have to specifically target certain ideas and experiences within you and magnify, amplify, get you to focus on them in a specific way, in order for you to actually even let go of the notion that you are this worthy being and actually convince you that you are not worthy, convince you that life is a struggle, convince you that things are not easy, because you know deep down they actually are. You know deep down in your natural self that things are very simple and so in order to experience the idea of polarity, in order to experience the physical reality as an experience where you go through a process of forgetting who you are in order to remember who you are, from a new point of view, so you can expand your understanding of yourself, you make yourself shall we say- available- to all different ideas that can exist within the realm of forgetfulness.

Thus working through those negative beliefs, transforming those negative beliefs into positive ones, transforming darkness into light, transforming limitation into freedom is the entire point and so you will usually start with some form of a negative belief that is representative of the theme that you chose to explore in this life that will raise its head in all the challenges that  crop up that are representative of that theme in your life.
But again because a large part of being able to rediscover yourself from a new point of view is the fact that you have imposed forgetfulness upon yourself as a way of being able to do that, then the negative beliefs can seem from time to time very strong, very powerful, very profound. Now of course they are only deriving their power from you, but they are giving you the opportunity to explore the kind of scenarios that as an unlimited being you otherwise would not be capable of exploring.

Nevertheless, now that you are really approaching the end of the cycle of negativity and going more into the positive cycle of awareness and awakening and expansion of consciousness, now is the time to truly begin to remember that all the negative beliefs that you may have been dealing with and some of the ones you may have to go on dealing with for a little while longer in your life are really just ideas, in a sense really just smoke in mirrors and they really have to work very very hard and focus very very strongly on very specific issues within you in order to get you to buy into the idea that you are not worthy, to get you to buy into the idea that you should not investigate them because they are again by design attempting to perpetuate themselves, attempting to reinforce themselves, attempting to make it seem as if they are the only reality that is possible. And when that idea comes from the negative side they have many many many tools and tricks at their disposal to get you to buy into their scenario.

Let us begin to examine some of their tools and tricks. This is not by all means a complete list, the list could take pages and pages because they are indeed very clever at what they do. This is just to give you an idea what to look for when dealing with negative beliefs.

1) Convince you no other belief is as real.
One of the first things a negative belief must to in order to get you to stop looking elsewhere is to convince you that they are really representative of the reality and everything else is a fantasy.

2) Convince you no other belief is possible.
If when they attempt to convince you that only they are real and you still might have enough self empowerment to go looking elsewhere and extract yourself from that belief, they will as I said amp up the power and attempt to believe you that no other belief is possible.

3)Convince you positive beliefs are negative.
This is a very sneaky because what they will do to convince you to stay exactly where they want to is that they will color and filter an idea that might be representative of your truth, your excitement and make it appear to be something that it is not, in fact it will make it appear as something quite scary that you would want to stay away from.

4) Convince you negative beliefs are positive.
This is the other side of the coin. Not only do they have to convince you that the positive beliefs  are negative, but they also have to convince you that they have your best interest at heart, so that you will seek them out any time you encounter a true positive reality that they have convinced you is scary. They will then also augment that with "There-there, come here! I understand you, you are safe over here, I'll protect you from that big bad positive belief." Making themselves to be the hero to which you will gravitate.

5) Convince you to take negative things personally.
Many times the idea is that when you see other people who are dealing with negative issues, you will understand that people who are afraid to dive deep in themselves and explore those issues will often project their issues on other people, such as yourself and if you don't have the knowing to differentiate between something that is your issue and something that is their issue, the negative belief may in fact convince you that what they are telling about you is actually true when in fact all they are actually doing is talking about themselves. Many people resent being shown an example of what they believe they have failed at if they see someone succeed in they believe they can not attain and will project that resentment on others in a form of blaming others or say that others have the negative traits that they themselves actually have but are in denial about because they are afraid to look at it, based on what their negative beliefs have told them they should not do. So the idea to neutralize this is to remember not to take things personally.

6) Convince you to blame others for your negative experience.
From the person who is doing the blaming and accusing, the negative belief will keep you in denial about the fact that you are dealing with that negative belief because it makes itself seem to be very scary and therefore you can't look at it because it will get even scarier, it will get bigger and howl at you if you come close, so in order for you to preserve yourself, it activates the idea of your survival mechanism and says "This is not about you. It must be caused by someone else, so blame someone else, project it on someone else so you don't have to look at it and then it isn't your problem anymore."

7) Convince you that you will suffer if you change your belief.
Allowing you to know that you are safe where you are and this is again painting a positive reality in an extremely negative light saying "Look, even though you may be not absolutely happy, you are comfortable and safe and if you change from where you are, no matter how negative you may realize it is, I am convincing you that where you think you wanna go it's gonna be even so much more difficult, so much scarier that you really want to stay with what is familiar because you are going to really suffer if you really try for that thing that you really prefer and in fact you might even fail at it and that would make you even more miserable, so why don't you just stay here where it's comfortable and safe, in my clutches...

8 ) Convince you you'll feel less lonely if others reinforce the negative belief.
Misery loves company. If you feel that you are in the negative state, but you want to feel that you are not alone so that you don't have to feel this by yourself, then you will invite in others who are just as miserable and you will invite them to make you even more miserable and you them so that you can stay in the state that seems to be the common state and since everyone's doing it - I don't need to change. "Look! Everyone's doing it, why do you need to be different? We're all miserable, let's stay that way."

9) Convince you it's too difficult to change.
They will pinpoint you beliefs that you may already have within you and will amplify and magnify those things that you have already found to be difficult and make them seem even more difficult if you go in a different direction.

10) Convince you that it's impossible to change.
They make it seem that it is against the laws of the nature- you are what you are, there's nothing you can do about it.

11) Convince you to impart negative meaning to all situations.
Of course, because if you suddenly realize that everything is actually neutral and you can actually choose the meaning and get the effect based on the meaning, well then the negative belief has lost its hold on you because you've neutralized it and suddenly it's just like any other belief, so it will once again convince you that the only realistic thing to do is to impart negative meaning to every situation that looks in any way, shape or form like anything you have ever been taught should be negative and not even allow you the chance to think that it could be defined in any other way- "Everyone know what the reality is, so don't try to redefine anything because you will look silly."

12) Convince you to feel powerless to chance by diminishing ability.
If you allow yourself to be in the grip long enough of certain negative beliefs, they will actually make you feel that your energy is being drained away any time you move in the direction of something that may be positive to convince you that really you don't have the ability to do this, they will give you tiredness, they will make you feel like it's just not worth it, they will make you feel like this is going to be a real struggle, a real effort, they will make you actually feel weaker in a sense because they will give you more power by staying in the negative side and they will take that energy away when you move toward the positive side. It's not that you actually are weaker, it's just that by comparison they make it appear as if you are weaker, because they infuse you with so much power when you come back in their direction.

13) Convince you to feel helpless to change by amplifying fear.
They will prey upon the idea of any other negative belief that might generate the actual experience of fear and they will pump power and energy into that fear to amplify it so much that you will become so terrified, so frozen that you simply can do nothing about it.

14) Convince you that it is in your best interest to imagine the worst case scenario.
This goes hand in hand with the concept that you are being more realistic if you always imagine the worst, that other people will see you as living in a fantasy world and not having feet on the ground. Because everyone would like to be taken seriously, the negative belief will equate the idea of being taken seriously with the idea of projecting always the worst case scenario for yourself and pretty soon that becomes your habit.

15) Convince you that they have your best interests at heart.
"I am taking care of you, I protect you from the big bad unknown with all the monsters that are hiding, please stay in this vibration because if I am not with you well then who knows what might happen to you."

16) Convince you that the end justifies the means.
This is a big one in your society, because negative beliefs will convince you by turning around the idea that positive is negative and negative is positive will get you to start acting in negative ways thinking that it is actually going to result in a positive outcome, which is simply not possible. The end and the means are one, so negative behavior will become the norm and the negative beliefs will constantly reinforce that negative behavior as an actual means to a positive end which will never happen, because it will then keep you searching and thinking this is all gonna work out , even though you are going about things in a very negative way, it will only lead to the amplification of negativity which is exactly what a negative belief wants to happen.

17) Reinforce their reality through negative synchronicity.
Synchronicity abounds all times, but of course by being in a negative state the kind of synchronicities you're gonna get are also going to be reflective of that negativity, this is what you call 'bad luck'. This is where the negative beliefs jump in and say "See? I told you so! The world is a big bad place and you need to keep doing what I tell you to do."
This is where they use this other idea that if you keep doing negative things, something good will happen. But the negative synchronicity will keep piling up and piling up and they will have to work harder and harder to convince you that this is still the road to take. This is why so many people find that when they finally get to the point where they are so sick and tired of being in that state that they will finally allow themselves to change, but the reason why you get so sick and tired is because you have been in that state for so long because your negative belief has been capable of convincing you to stay in that state for  much longer than they really really had to. That's why you are so exhausted and finally allow yourself to change. This is one of the loopholes in the negative belief. That it will exhaust you to the point where one way or another, you will finally exit that state of being, but you can exit it positively, or you can exit it negatively...sometimes the negative exit you refer to as suicide.

18) Prevent you from seeing positive opportunities.
As we have often said- you can not perceive what you are not the vibration of first. If you are of a vibration that is negative, you simply are incapable of imagining positive opportunities, they're just invisible to you. But when you are in a positive state then all the opportunities that could be positive will show up in a positive synchronicity and you have the capability of imagining what they may be and even creating some opportunities on your own, but again the negative belief will make sure that you stay in the state where you can't even imagine that there might be a positive opportunity.

19) Prevent you from finding the core belief by getting you to focus on secondary ones.
This is a favorite trick so to speak of the deep core negative belief is that it will surround itself with all sorts of shells and layers of other secondary and tertiary level beliefs allowing it to think "well if they're coming to come looking, I am going to make sure they find this and they find that, so that you think "Oh I have found the negative belief, oh goody! It's gone now!" and you move on with your life and suddenly find that your behavior is the same and your feelings are the same and you wonder what the heck happened, I thought I let that go?! Well there is the negative belief deep down in its little layer going "heeheehee, they haven't found me..." and it will keep doing that until you finally achieve the level of willingness that is necessary for you to break through all those levels and really look for the core definition, which when you find it and let that go will allow the secondary and tertiary level beliefs just collapse because now they have no more foundation.

20) Distract you from investigating your beliefs.
Oh that's a big one too. "Yes-yes, I am going to go about investigating my negative beliefs...ohh shiny!... What was I doing? Oh yes, I'm gonna get to the bottom of those negative beliefs...oo, that looks like fun!" The negative belief will do that, "Hey you've been wanting to do that for a while haven't you? I'm your buddy, let's go do that, that looks like much more fun than looking for me." It will do anything to prolong the process.

21)Convince you that it is not doing any of those things.
As somebody has said- "One of the greatest tricks of the devil is convincing you he doesn't exist." The negative beliefs will also impart to you such a willing suspension of disbelief, that you will actually not even see or be even be capable of imagining that such belief exists. You will think that this is coming from the outside. This is a true victim mentality now where you think everything is against you, this is paranoia, this is saying the world is against me, this is happening to me in life instead of happening through me.

22) Convince you to deny that negative beliefs exist within you.
Same thing.

23) Convince you to believe you're the exception to the ability to change.
Absolutely. This is again an amplification of the state of arrogance and victimization, that "Oh yes, I know you could probably change if you really wanted to, everyone could do it, but me, I am the only one who can not do it, I am the exception to the rule." That might seem like a victim position, but it's actually a state of high arrogance that you would think that out of all the things in creation you are the only one that can not change. That's calling attention to yourself in a very negative way which then amplifies the negative energy within you.

24) Convince you to feel comfortable with negativity.
If you live with it long enough and it has done its job to scare you that every other direction is going to be worse, then you will settle down into that couch and it will start to eat and eat and eat away at you very slowly over time until you find that you and the couch have fused into one thing and now, now if you want to go and do something, now it has convinced you that you really can't even move because not only do you have the weight of your own self, now you have the weight of the couch and now the couch has fused into floor of the house and now you really can't do anything about it so you might as well stay there and enjoy it, enjoy wallowing in your misery- this is what happens when you call it wallowing in misery- you just give up, give over all your power and this is just the way it is and you just can't do anything.

25) Convince you to believe no positive tools will work.
They paint the positive ideas in a negative light and when you expose yourself and even have the possibility and probability of being exposed to tools that could help you, they really work hard to convince you that those things are just wishful thinking and will never work.

26) Convince you to distort and view positive information as negative.
Again, it will not even allow you to comprehend the information that you are receiving that could help you to move in a positive direction, it will distort it, filter it in such a way that you will really see it in some other way than what it is and won't be capable of taking advantage of the positive information.
Because you are in a negative state, out of alignment, out of phase from your true vibration, any time the true vibration approaches you, it will get louder too and create such a cacophony of distortion, it will then make your ears bleed so you move away and won't have to listen to it. It will make it seem like you are so vibrationally incompatible with that because you are wonderful and you are good and anything coming to you that makes you feel like this way must be bad, so please ignore it, please run away from it as fast as you can back into my arms where you are nice and safe and cozy .. forever...

27) Convince you to justify keeping the negative belief.
When the negative belief has really done its job well and convinced you that that's the safest place, anything and everything will be used as a justification to maintain it, any negative feeling you have will be focused on, so you don't have to focus on the belief itself, any negative thoughts will be focused on that will justify the idea, you will focus on any negative past so you can say "But look, this happened to me, so it will happen again! But look, I must be held back by habits and patterns that I was taught! But look, this is the way the world is, so who am I to say different!". You will find any reason at all to justify all these tools and tricks and keep the negative belief in charge of what it is you think, feel, say and how you behave. You will now be working as the negative belief's agent and you'll be its minion doing its job along with it to continue to convince yourself that the negative belief is the best possible state for you and then in a sense a negative belief can start to relax.

Fascinating, isn't it? Now, before we move on to the list of neutralizers, please understand that  these things have been handed down and handed down and handed down, but that's not a reason why they should continue, this is just an idea and you have projected these things and the negative beliefs have projected themselves into all forms of archetypal imagery and iconography to make sure they remain in the forefront of your consciousness right in front of your face all the time and that's okay because the polarity is going to be everywhere you look. But the key is recognizing that the presentation of the negative beliefs make are only that- they're just presentation and they don't have to contain any solidity and validity in the sense of believing they are true for you. They are valid as beliefs, but you don't have to prefer them. We just need to allow them to be neutral.

"There is no one torturing you except yourself. There is nobody except yourself; your whole life is your work—your creation. Once you grasp this, things start changing... transforming. You can play at changing your hell into heaven, or, if you are in love with misery, create as much as you wish."Osho
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Re: The Bashar Thread

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:14 am

Thank you so much for the transcript, Luney, I look forward to reading it in depth. I love you It's just what I needed.

But...you typed all that out? If so, wow!! Shocked


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Re: The Bashar Thread

Post by Night Eyes on Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:25 am

thats a great post Luney, a couple of those points really hit the nail on the head! x

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Re: The Bashar Thread

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:07 am

Many of these are very familiar.


lunareclipse wrote:13) Convince you to feel helpless to change by amplifying fear.
They will prey upon the idea of any other negative belief that might generate the actual experience of fear and they will pump power and energy into that fear to amplify it so much that you will become so terrified, so frozen that you simply can do nothing about it.

14) Convince you that it is in your best interest to imagine the worst case scenario.
This goes hand in hand with the concept that you are being more realistic if you always imagine the worst, that other people will see you as living in a fantasy world and not having feet on the ground. Because everyone would like to be taken seriously, the negative belief will equate the idea of being taken seriously with the idea of projecting always the worst case scenario for yourself and pretty soon that becomes your habit.

and this is pretty empowering:

lunareclipse wrote:
But the key is recognizing that the presentation of the negative beliefs make are only that- they're just presentation and they don't have to contain any solidity and validity in the sense of believing they are true for you. They are valid as beliefs, but you don't have to prefer them. We just need to allow them to be neutral.

I needed this...   thank you thank you again.


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Re: The Bashar Thread

Post by Sponsored content

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