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How to Send a Mass Private Message?

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How to Send a Mass Private Message?

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:28 am


What is a mass private message?

A mass private message is a private message you send (or rather "publish") to tens or even hundreds of members at the same moment—so long as they are members in the same "Group." For example, we have seven members in the Group Founders. Instead let's say they're 70 or even 700 members. Can you send a private message to all of them—in only one or two steps? You can. This is a "mass private message."

How to use this feature?

The first "field" you get when you start writing a private message, or replying to one, is called "Username." This is where you put the username of the receiver.

The tiny [+] sign next to this field adds more "fields" for more usernames, so you can use this feature to send a copy of your post to several members. However, this wouldn't be very practical if you were going to send to, say, 50 members, or 30, or even 10.  

So instead, you can use the second field after Username; that is, Usergroup. Usually Usergroup is "inactive," because by default the Username field is active and only one of these two fields can be active at a time. So first step, remove the username in the first field then click anywhere outside the field to deactivate it. Once you do, the second field will automatically become active.

As shown in the screenshot, now a drop-down menu is active. This is where all Usergroups can be found. We want to send the Founders, so we select Founders from the drop-down menu. Write your message as usual and then click Send. This is a mass private message, and it will be sent to ALL members in the Group selected (up to 1000 members).

* Note: After sending your MPM, if there is a difference between the number of members in the Group (for example 500) and the number of messages in your sent-box (say 450), this simply means that 50 members in this Group have their PM option disabled. They do not receive any private messages at all, mass or otherwise.

- This tutorial was written by Lotus.

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